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Scholarship for People with Glasses

Were you ever ashamed to have to wear glasses? Have you tried to hide behind them or been embarrassed to wear them? Well, you don’t have to be anymore. There are programs and scholarships available for college to those people who wear vision correction glasses or contacts.

Several scholarships for students with vision disorder

There are several companies that offer scholarships and awards in varying amounts. One of them is Visine Eye Drops offers an award for any student that shows their value and what they see in accomplishing at college, what they promise to achieve while attending.  The Council of Citizens for Low Vision gives out three awards per year to select students. There are scholarships for the legally blind, those with slight vision issues, and those that have some that are worse. Wearing either glasses or contacts is fine.

Some of the awards and scholarships, such as the one given by the National Federation of the Blind offers several scholarships for those who are legally blind. However, the applicants much be a resident of either the United States or Puerto Rico, and the scholarship is limited. Some of these scholarships also have financial aid assistance with it.

Scholarships for optometry students

There are scholarships available for those who choose to take up Optometry as well.  Fight for Sight offers grants to students whose mission is to end eye diseases and who are specifically studying optomertry in order to find a cure to many eye diseases.

Some of these scholarship applications can be found at any of the following websites:

scholarships and essays

The student applying for the service or their representative would have to go to the individual site to check out the information and the process for applying as well as obtaining the application. The websites are usually pretty conclusive and include phone numbers and help questions.

Above is just a handful that offers scholarships. There are several more. The Fred Sceigert Scholarship Program is available for high school seniors who have a minimum GPA of at least at 3.2 as well as other academic requirements such as advanced placement courses, college prerequisites like Chemistry, College Math, and Foreign Language. Letters of Recommendation may also be needed and required.

There are also scholarships for students in graduate school that are studying optometry. This will help offset the cost of the degree as grants aren’t often offered for Graduate School and rather only loans. The Carl Foley Graduate Scholarship Program is available to apply for through the school the student attends, and is available for anyone studying optometry, whether or not the student wears glasses or contacts.

Advices for scholarships

Before accepting a scholarship or even applying for one, it’s important to do a little research on the background of the company giving the award. The student should know what they may expect once the scholarship is given as well as what the company’s policy and requirements are. Gather enough information about the company to know if they are reputable or not. Try to find references to those who have already received the scholarship and how that students’ experience with it worked out. Use every resource you can to go beyond your limits and consider every scholarship opportunity from every angle to find which ones would be the best for you to apply for. Be patient in waiting for a reply.

If you know anyone or you yourself has low vision or is considered legally blind, and you’re planning on going to college, you may want to check a few of these out. Wearing glasses can be a good thing, after all.


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