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Did you know that the range of scholarships available- from scholarships based on race or disability right through to scholarships for people with glasses  is huge, and if you are a leftie there’s a good chance you can find one that’s just right for you?


Scholarships for people with glasses?

Yes. The range of scholarships available is, in fact, far wider then we are often led to believe, and there is a ton of legitimate categories for a lot more people who have been discriminated against then the classics of racial minorities and women.

Did you know, for starters, that left handed people have also been historically discriminated against? There was a time when merely writing with your left hand would have you burnt as a witch. From boiling to beating, even some of our grandparent’s generations were actively ‘discouraged’ from writing with the hand that nature wished them too. The natural inclination to write with your left hand, however, s not actually that unusual. Anything up to 15% of the population write predominantly with their left hand. Folks with left handed tendencies can make better sportspeople- surprise of dealing with a left handed player can have a big impact- and they have a reputation as good leaders, creatives and artists. None of this particularly seems to scream ‘scholarships’ however, does it? See more heres:

Where can I find left handed scholarships?

Pennsylvania’s Juniata College has the Frederick and Mary F Buckley, one of the most famed left handed scholarships. Forty students have already benefited from the program, at around $1500 a time. That’s not to be sneezed at.

However, left handed scholarships are a matter of debate for many. After all, part of the spirit of a scholarship award is that it’s offered to those who have, in some specific manner, proved themselves exceptional. This isn’t really meant to be for something that is a simple fluke one is born with, as opposed to achievement, or a scholarship offered to redress a previous imbalance. So there are those who would argue that something as arbitrary and irrelevant to future employment, achievement, academic merit and societal perception should not be offered without revision.

So why do they exist?

However, as with many scholarship types, it is actually up to the person endowing and funding the scholarship what category of person the funding is directed to. This is only ever challenged in situations where the creation of the scholarship is clearly meant as a snub or slight to others, or in some manner serves a racist or sexist cause, so it is unlikely that the presence of a left handed scholarship will ever particularly become a national issue of worry. There are, after all, bigger things to think about.

While it is certainly odd to find scholarships for left handed people, they certainly are one of the scholarship types available, with one particularly famous one offered, and if you would like to use a scholarship like this to further your academic career- well, why not?

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